What is Chiropractic?
Chiropractic is a system of health care that recognizes the bodies innate intelligence that knows how to build, heal and maintain the body. It’s primary focus is on the proper function and alignment of the spine with the purpose of keeping the nervous system free of interference.

What is Universal intelligence?
There is an intelligence permeating the universe. What this intelligence is, is debated among scientists, philosophers and theologians. For our intents and purposes this intelligence expresses itself through universal laws and constants.

What is Innate intelligence?
Another area much debated among scientists, philosophers and theologians is innate intelligence. I recognize we have within us an intelligence that guides and builds our body and heals and adapts us to the stresses of life. This intelligence knows more about healing and adapting to stress then any group of doctors or scientist. We can’t build a single cell from scratch yet your body is building new cells at the rate of a million a minute.

Why the spine?
The greatest possibility of interference to the expression of innate intelligence is in the spine. Since the nerves carry the intelligence and the spine protects the nerves as well as allows motion. Aberrant motion affect the nerves and the expression of innate intelligence.

What about the other joints?
Yes feet, knees, elbows, wrists and shoulders can all become dysfunctional and pain is the result. Adjusting these and restoring normal function is the key to relieving the dysfunction and ultimately the pain.

How long does it take to get well?
There are many variables so everyone is different. We have people that respond well and feel better after their first adjustment others that need months to years before they regain their health completely.

What is the Mind Body Connection?
Imagine we tested your bodies chemical composition as you were totally involved in watching a truly scary Halloween movie. Your stress hormones would be up, your sympathetic nervous system would be poised in fight, flight or freeze. Now we compare it to groups of people. We have one group who loves scary movies and another who doesn’t. Is their chemistry going to be different? Yes. How we perceive our life changes our chemistry, so our bodies symptoms can be feedback letting us know how we are perceiving life. By asking specific question found in the Demartini Method we can expand our consciousness and create balance and stability in the brain, the body and the mind. When people are done using these tools they feel lighter, less stressed, no longer feel burdened by their past or current judgements, and feel a deep sense of gratitude and love. Classes or private consults are available to work through health issues, relationship conflicts, personal self worth and self love.