First Steps to Getting Well- Where to Start

This is an excellent time of year to commit to getting well.

In health, like money, investing wisely and consistently pays dividends.

Where can I start?

  1. Create a big enough why! I know it sounds a little crazy to some but having a reason to be healthy allows you to make the necessary changes. It might be as simple as having the energy and looking forward (instead of dreading because of pain or depression) to walking the dog, keeping up with grandchildren or going to a show. It can be as big as being healthy enough to travel the world. It really has to do with your values and what is important to you. When the why’s are big enough the hows become apparent

  2. Educate and evaluate yourself. Learn what it takes to be healthy, attend my “Creating Health” talk (call Crossroads Health Solutions @ 760-945-8282 for the next available talk). Ask yourself quality questions: Am I eating the right quantity and quality of food? Am I being active enough? Am I aligned and functioning well in my spine feet, hips and shoulders? Am I growing learning and expanding my spheres of awareness and influence? Are my relationships working? How are my stress adapting tools? Am I getting enough sleep?

  3. Take the answers and consult with the appropriate people to create a plan of action with specific goals in mind. If your approach is more likely to be medications and drugs consult your MD. If your approach is more spinal alignment, emotional and nutritional balance chat with me.

  4. Execute your plan, see what results you get, and refine it until you get the results you want.

    Chiropractic gets results very often within the first three treatments. Chiropractic gets much better life changing results in three or four months of care and even better when it is incorporated into your lifestyle.

    This is about the same results time frame for eating healthy and exercising.

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