Healthcare From an Energy Perspective

A human being is made up of the interactions of solids, liquids, gases and two types of plasma called sound and light (electromagnetic) energy. These combine to make our cells, tissues, organs, systems and ultimately us. These also interact to create moods, states of activity and rest, actions and inactions.

A healthy human is one whose mind and body is in balance, and not a static balance, but a rhythmic oscillating range of tones and frequencies.

We can view states of health physically looking for alignment, integrity and balance.

We can view the state of health chemically looking at ratios of nutrients, ph, hormones and the chemical constituents. In balance or out of balance, excessive or deficient.

We can view states of health energetically by looking at the tones and frequencies of the body from-high can’t sleep(stressed), to low- can’t wake up (depressed). From harmonizing and in synch with each other to dissonant and out of synch.

We can view the state of health mentally/emotionally through perceptions, decisions and reactions/actions through mind body and body mind connections.

When you come to our office we are doing our best through chiropractic, Physical therapy/Thai massage, nutrition (including creams and cbd roll ons), Laser, pulsed magnetic therapy, frequency therapy and the demartini methods to bring your mind, body and spirit to an optimal state of health and well being.

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