Helpful Tips for Creating More Magic and Less Stress During the Holidays

Okay, its happening: Thanksgiving, Shopping and Christmas are all coming up, supposedly in that order. I have already found a radio station playing non stop Christmas carols and Christmas decorations have already been put up in a lot of stores. My girlfriend is making plans for dinners, parties and Christmas light viewings.

I love the holidays. They can be quite magical and quite stressful.

Here are some helpful hints to create more magic and less stress.

Family stress: Every family has a dynamic with each person playing a role in that dynamic.

Remember each person has a hierarchy of values, things that are important to them.

If they perceive you as helping to fulfill those values through what you say and do then they will be happier, easier to get along with, and nicer. The rules will relax. If they perceive you as saying things that challenge what is important to them or threaten to take that away, then they will be meaner, more closed down, create rules and even ultimatums. So know what each individuals values are and create conversations that link your values to their values so you can both be engaged. Practice mindfulness and being present with the now. Try to keep subconscious programming from running your life.


Financial stress: Create a budget for decorating, entertaining and gift giving. Find the balance between funding long term dreams, goals and aspirations with holiday financial demands.

A fun experiment: put into saving the same amount you pay for holiday stuff.

There are two physiological things that need to be consciously moderated.

1. The desire to get something for nothing IE stuff on sale.

2. The lack of feeling of loss when you use credit cards instead of cash. Try this experiment next time you pay for a moderately big item: pay attention to how you feel pulling the money out of your wallet or purse versus using a credit card. Research shows a sense of loss when using money that doesn’t happen when using a credit card

The stores know you will buy more if you use a credit card.

So unless you can pay off the credit card before any interest is due, use cash.

Know what you want to buy before looking at sales ads.


To much to do stress: Time is precious, prioritize and make time for what is most important. Delegate when you can to people who are good at what you want them to do. Say no to people who want to take up your time with low priority stuff. Keep your health routine a priority, because you can’t delegate sleeping, eating right, and exercising to someone else.


Overeating stress: Food has become a mainstay of our social family celebrations. Plan in advance to taste what you really want and moderate the rest. If you are going to eat a lot, plan on intermittent fasting the next day. Drink lots of water when not eating. Alcohol is a toxin, regardless of the studies trying to show wine is good for us. (Blood vessels- yes, brain and liver- no.) So moderate alcohol and eat fiber to help flush out the toxins and maintain good gut health. Post holidays consider a balance detox program for ten or 21 days.

Have a lovely November, we look forward to seeing you in the office.

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