Dr Ken is amazing. After years of trying a variety of treatments and procedures I was hopeless and ready to give up. When someone suggested I try Dr Ken. I am so glad I did. I give thanks every day for what feels like a new life full of possibilities. His approach was whole body mind integrated. He specifically identified misalignments in my spine and foot, nutritional excesses and deficiencies in my diet and even some emotional baggage that prevented me from changing my behaviors. Working together I am now healthier and better on every level. It is like a whole new life. Thanks Dr Ken

JD Oceanside

My back used to go out all the time. Dr. Ken got me aligned and encouraged me to shift my lifestyle to include some swimming, yoga, and core strengthening routines. My back hasn’t bothered me in over 5 years. I maintain regular chiropractic visits because my work demands a lot of sitting and stress. With Dr. Ken’s help I feel better now in my late 50’s than I did in my 40’s. –

KR, Oceanside

I had sciatica including foot drop. I couldnt walk the medical doctors recommended surgery. I heard about Dr. Ken from a friend. He worked with me and in three months the foot was functioning and I could walk. I just completed the Three Day Walk for the Cure and can keep up with my daughters and husband. –

AB, Escondido

I had digestive issues, I could not keep food down and I had heartburn. Dr. Ken adjusted my spine to relieve nerve pressure so my brain and stomach could communicate. He recommended whole food supplements including hydrochloric acid and enzymes, as well as giving me ideas on how to manage my emotions. The result, my stomach works great and I can eat a much wider variety of foods with no problem. –

PL, Vista

He actually listens to you doesn’t rush you at the door actually make sure the adjustment that he just did makes you feel better not worse and actually cares in a genuinely nice person

TF, Oceanside

Dr. Ken is awesome. I had a shoulder and neck issue that I was dealing with for a few years. It took a few months to shift. Now I just go back for maintenance every couple of months.

JL, Vista

Dr Ken takes the time to discover all the details of your health concern, only making necessary adjustments and providing so much education at the same time! His patients are like a big happy family!

AH, Oceanside

You live your life through your nervous system. Every pathway leads to receptors. Dr. Ken understands his patients and takes the time to understand their needs. His key message is that to be sure your nervous system is functioning optimally you must be open to Chiropractic care. If you are looking for a seasoned professional that will take the time to listen to what you are saying and are willing to work with him he will help you get to that pain free zone. The goal is to walk out that door in a much better place than when you walked in. Dr. Ken is there for you – I know he is there for me and I am very grateful.

MS, Oceanside

I was recently introduced to the ARP Treatment session package. This involves direct current being transmitted into weak areas of the body to stimulate nerve function. After the initial session whereby the entire program and intention was described during the treatment itself – I was doubtful of the promises made.

Well, here I am three weeks later. I am a 100% disabled veteran with 20% nerve loss in right side of body from rib-cage down to my toes. For decades, off and on, I would have to drag my right half along while my right buttock muscle lay there like a sack of turnips. My right foot was half numb for 40 years.

After 13 of 20 treatment I am feeling my right buttock flex when I walk, my right foot has 50% feeling returned and I do not walk tilted to the left. I feel my legs are toned and they are becoming firmer with every treatment. Breathing improved after first treatment. I have lost ten pounds from being able to walk around easily.

I take longer showers, sleep better – and don’t need a shopping cart to support me in the store. I can only tell you what happened to me. The promises made at first treatment have actually come true. I recommend the treatments, you get 20 for $2500.00. After the first treatment you will likely feel direct results as I did. If you have chronic debilitation and loss of muscle function – you know what I am talking about – and why.
Good Luck !!!

RH, Oceanside

Dr Ken did a free workshop this evening on values and I had the pleasure to be present. His talk was precise, well thought out with handouts, and we were given information helpful to mom and dads to large business owners. Thank you Dr Ken for sharing your wisdom and of course chiropractic skills.

BW, Carlsbad

I went to Ken Graham on December 31 for sudden Chronic Pain in my Shoulder & Upper Rt. Back. I was in misery, in fact I was in tears the lst ten minutes telling Ken my symptoms.

He gently ‘adjusted’ my neck & did some gentle procedures on my back that didn’t hurt. Had me walk around the room & asked me how I felt. I had to go to Wal Mart after & couldn’t BELIEVE THE RESULTS! 98% of the pain in my rt. shoulder & back was gone. It’s 4 days later & I still feel good but I’m going back for regular adjustments to keep my back aligned.

I would ‘suggest’ Dr. Ken Graham to anyone with Neck, Back, Shoulder Pain, Sciatica, or Migraines. He’s the read deal. Also, I love his location by Target on El Camino Real with parking at the front door.
For me… it didn’t get any better & I’ve been going to Chiropractors for years, but the spontaneous ”relief” I experienced with him was amazing.

SM, Vista

He’s very good chiropractor,my hubby went there,and he did a very good job to help for him,and he gave good advice what should he do to maintain healthy lifestyle.

VC, Escondido, CA

Brief meeting with Ken; his friendly and knowledgeable personality did wonders for my understanding. I was unsure if a partially dislocated knee was a chiropractic issue and I was quickly “realigned,” if you will.

EW, Oceanside

Woke up with horrible stiff neck while on vacation. Dr Ken fit us right in. Adjustment was great, price was reasonable. Back in the waves the next day.

JO, Goodyear, AZ

I saw DR KEN last wednesday. limped in bent and hobbled but walked out ready to go dancing. that he’s engaging is also a plus. Highly recommended.

ST, Carlsbad

My neck was pretty stiff when I went to Dr. ken, yesterday. But all it took was a couple of adjustments and I was back to feeling quite flexible again. Thank you, Dr. ken, for the great work you do. I can always count on you!

SS, Oceanside

I have been seeing Dr Ken for over ten years now for military service related lower back injuries. When we first met I had problems walking erect into his office. I required a few surgical procedures. Dr Ken has been with me every step of the way. I consider him to be an integral part of my ongoing treatment and the management of my multilevel degenerative disk disease. Dr Ken is a genuine caring professional. I do not normally write these type of reviews but felt compelled to do so to share my positive experience with those seeking treatment. Highly recommended………

BA, Vista

Dr. Ken is a master of his craft. I have been to a lot of chiropractic office’s. Many of them work with NFL athletes and Dr. KEN is as good or better in many ways. He is gentle when he needs to be and for those who lift and body build he does an amazing job re aligning you and getting you back in the gym. I’ve had moments when I couldn’t even walk and he has gotten me back up and running. Highly recommend Dr. KEN.

JD, Vista

Dr Ken is patient, asks lots of questions, and I never feel rushed during an appointment with him. Really feel like he treats each patient for their individual needs. Highly recommend Dr Ken for your chiropractic needs.

PA, Oceanside

Dr. Ken is a whole different level of chiropractor. I have moved to another state and I am still looking – years later, for a chiropractor to compare.
Ken has this awesome hydraulic table where he can angle your body, pull your arm or leg or something and everything everywhere straightens out. I never felt pain during Dr. Ken’s treatments and always felt better.
Hopefully, one day, I’ll find a Chiropractor I love as much as Dr. Ken!

LB, Chapell Hill, NC

Torn rotator cuff from grappling. Helped my shoulder. Cares about the patient. True healer. Definitely recommend.

JF, Long Beach, CA