9 Ways to Optimize Your Immune System

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How can we help our immune system deal with viruses this cold and flu season? Here are 9 ways you can help your immune system work at peak performance:

# 1) Don’t exhaust yourself. The holidays and year end can add extra demands on your time and money. Pace yourself by prioritizing and delegating when you can. Do not over commit and or sacrifice what follows on this list.

# 2) Plenty of rest. The body heals and fortifies itself during sleep. To get better sleep: Eat to satiation, not fullness. Don’t eat for 1-2 hours before going to bed.Turn off all electronic devices 30 minutes before sleep. Reading a real book or magazine is ok.

# 3) Eat foods that help your immune system and have a viral suppressing component such as garlic, onions, cilantro, pomegranates, ginger, and bone broth.

# 4) Exercise moderately. Did you know too little or too much exercise can suppresses the immune system? Good choices include walking briskly for 30-60 minutes, moderate weight lifting, swimming for 20 minutes, cycling, yoga, Pilates and active yard work.

# 5) Get fresh air. Since contagion can happen when air gets saturated with virus, keep the air flowing in your homes, workplaces and social gathering areas.

# 6) Supplement vitamin C and D. Effective Standard Process supplements are Immunaplex and Congaplex.

# 7) Get some sun before 10am in the morning or after 3pm in the afternoon in this latitude

# 8) Manage stress. Get eustress by doing things that inspire and fulfill you. This improves your immune system. Distress can suppress your immune system. Make a plan to keep your life on course and then work your plan. Don’t forget to ask for help when you need it.

# 9) Get adjusted! Regular chiropractic adjustments help the immune system work better.


Food for thought:

At some great degree of abstraction, love truth and beauty are one: a synchronous synthesis of complimentary opposites. Symmetry for beauty, seeing both sides for truth,and having appreciation for both sides with out judgment for love.

I look forward to seeing you in the office and helping you in your journey.

~Dr Ken



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