Earthing, nature therapy and other ancient practices that help you get well and stay there

Earthing, nature therapy and other ancient practices that help you get well and stay there

The human body is energetic first and chemistry 2nd so we respond to energy in the form of light, electricity and magnetism. Our brain, heartbeat and neurotransmitter activity all rely on electrical signals, Our fluids surrounding each cell and within each cell of the body rely on electromagnetic fields and gradients for their health and well-being.

We also live in electromagnetic fields of energy coming from the sun, electromagnetic charge particles in the air we breathe, geo magnetic energy from the earth, energy fields of plants, mountains oceans and water.

We have insulated ourselves from these fields of energy by living inside homes, offices and cars, working out in gyms, wearing shoes, clothing, coating the earth with concrete and asphalt.

We have also created electromagnetic fields with our light bulbs, refrigerators, microwaves , cell phones and tablets that could be viewed as energy pollution or energy stresses. Our body interacts with these and does its best to harmonize. Sometimes it needs to recharge and reconnect with those naturally occurring energetic fields.

Walking barefoot on earth, sand, or grass is an amazing way to rejuvenate the body.
Get out in Nature. Shinrin-yoku is the Japanese term meaning “taking in the forest atmosphere” or “nature bathing” It started in the 1980’s and there are set aside natural lands for forest therapy. We feel less anxious, more aware and relaxed when out in natural settings. Find Natural places full of trees and flowers, walk the beach barefoot, play in the dirt while gardening reconnect with nature often it is amazing how different you will feel.

Appreciate the natural beauty the sights, the sounds, the smells and the feels. Take a moment to breath in deeply and feel the energy flow to every part of your body and being.

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