Goal Setting For a Healthy Year

Each year we have the same goal: Let’s make it a healthy one in all areas of our lives

  • Physical, mental and emotional health

  • Healthy relationships both socially and professionally

  • Healthy bank accounts

  • Healthy spiritual life

  • Healthy career

Goal setting: Nebulous goals like better health, happier relationships and more money are very hard for the mind to grasp. They sound good but are hard to obtain because they are too indefinite. Set specific measurable goals such as: able to stand with out pain for an hour, weigh 10 lbs less then I do now, have $10,000 in savings more then I do now, or have at least ten moments of pure gratitude and states of grace a week. These can be conceived and achieved if believed attainable.

The next step: creating a plan that is time and date specific with actions

  • See my Chiropractor 3 times a week for 2 weeks, stretch for 15 minutes each day, see the massage therapist once a week for a month= Now I can stand without pain for an hour.

  • Eat less sugar by choosing certain foods and avoiding others for two months. Intermittent fasting on Monday, Wednesday and Friday= 10 pound weight loss in 2 months or less.

  • Save 200 dollars a week on every Monday= a little over 10,000 in savings in one year.

  • Gratitude exercise every night until you feel your heart open and tears fill your eyes= at least ten moments of pure gratitude and states of grace each week.

These are just some goal setting examples, the point is be specific and detail your plan enough so your mind says “I can do that”.

Refinement: Plans are not set in stone. Pay attention to the results you are getting. Most plans will show results within two weeks. If they are getting you closer to your goal then stick with them. If not, modify or try something different.


Find someone who has achieved the next level of success you want and ask them to mentor you.

Read and study in the area of what you want to achieve. (But don’t jump around too much or you won’t know what is working)

Create support/challenge groups of like minded individuals that will help keep you accountable to your goals.

Make each year a great year with worthy inspiring goals and plans to achieve them!


Dr Ken

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