Improve Your Posture- How and Why

“Sit up straight” is something we may have heard as a child. Our moms or dads were really trying to help us out. It’s probably not surprising that good posture is associated with less spinal pain and better range of motion. Did you know that good posture can also increase cardiovascular function, energy and lung capacity? Even more surprising, It is also associated with more confidence, better mood and, believe it or not, better social and economic status.
Signs of poor posture include: forward head tilt, stooped forward and hunched, rounded shoulders.
How to improve and maintain your posture.
  1. Chiropractic adjustments are the fastest way to improve posture, as your spine can get stuck and not be able to move. We hear all the time after an adjustment “oh I can breathe so much better”, “my shoulder doesn’t hurt any more”, I feel lighter and taller”, ‘I can stand up straight”.
  2. Stretch and strengthen the core postural muscles. Poor posture is a sign of muscle imbalance. Weak muscles are on the side of convexity, tight muscles are on the side of con cavity.
  3. Avoid tech neck ie forward head tilt. These contribute to poor posture: Computer work, gaming, texting, reading in bed. Counteract by lying flat on your back and dropping your head back and or incorporate some yoga stretch moves like child’s pose, cobra and sphinx upward and down ward dog.
  4. Get body work. There are several different techniques that can change muscle function ie muscle activation or muscle integration these will alter the way you stand or sit and can be great pain relievers and fatigue minimizers.
  5. ARPNeuro therapy identifies and corrects muscle patterns that are not working. See more information or contact us about a complimentary session to see if it is right for you. 
See you in the office, Dr Ken.

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