Viruses and Your Immune System

Viruses and your immune system

While the news creates panic in many. Those of us who trust our own immune system calmly take precautions. Viruses like bacteria fungi our anything else need the right environment to propagate. A truly healthy human being is not a good environment for pathogens. Let’s discuss our immune system, how it works, and what you can do to help yourself stay healthy.

Our immune system is made up of:

#1 Barriers- These barriers are designed to keep self inside and not self outside as well as let in food and pass out waste. Plus each cell in your body has a cell membrane that does the same.

  • The lining of your digestive system mouth to tush.

  • Skin and hair

  • The lining of your respiratory system nose, sinus and lungs.

Sanitation precaution: Wash hands (Soap and water works well), Keep home, car and work place clean and well ventilated. Rinse mouth out drink lots of water and eat fiber to sanitize inside the body.

#2. Organs of the immune system- The following produce cells that identify and destroy infected cells. They also fight cancer which is any cell not in the right place doing the right things.

  • Thymus is where T cells are made. T cells Identify what type of foreign invader is and then tell the bone marrow what kind of cells to produce to destroy the invaders.    

Thymus precaution: support the thymus glands with standard process brand Thymex supplement.

  • Bone marrow where B cells are made these are the cells that actually do the destroying. They do this by surrounding the infection with calcium bicarbonate and the injecting enzymes or a reactive oxygen mixture ie free radicals into the infected cells or invader.  

Bone Marrow precaution: support bone marrow with bone broth and calcium lactate.

  • The Lymphatic system is the drainage / sewer system of the body.

Lymphatic precaution: Stay well hydrated, exercise and massage improve lympahtic drainage.

General Health and immune system boosters

  • Sleep

  • Water

  • Moderate exercise (raising your body temp and the movement of lymph really aids the immune system)  

  • Enjoyment of one’s life and challenges that inspire us.  

  • Good diet

  • Stay aligned with Chiropractic.

General Health and immune system destroyers

  • Exhaustion

  • Alcohol

  • Smoking (anything)

  • Sugar overload

  • Sedentary life style

  • Feeling unfulfilled

  • poor diet

  • over use of anti-oxidants.

Specific immune boosters and anti-virals are garlic, onion, and cilantro. These are great remedies for mild cases or preventative.  

The heavy hitters- Here is what to use and when

1. If you have the flu, a severe cold, bacterial infection. Virus active, acute and intense:

  • Calcium Lactate, 4-6 every hour till symptoms are gone.
  • Andrographis Complex (standard process supplement) 3 in the am and 3 in the pm. For really bad cases add Standard process supplement congaplex every 4-6 every hours

2. If you have a serious, multiple or dangerous virus or extremely pathogenic bacterial infection ( pneumonia, confirmed severe flu, E Coli), something that scares you:

  • Calcium Lactate 4-6 every hour (the B cells use calcium to wall off infected areas. This is the most bio available calcium.

  • Cataplex A (standard process supplement) 4-6 every hour

  • Andrographis complex (standard process supplement)  3 in the am 3 in the pm

  • Thymex (standard process supplement) 6-9 daily

3. For not getting sick in the first place

  • Rotate the following standard process supplements: echinacea premium 2 per day for one bottle, then Immuplex 4 per day for a bottle, then and Cataplex AC for a bottle. Repeat.

 I’m Happy to consult with you or anyone you care about that needs help with their immune system.

Take care,

Dr Ken

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